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2022: The Year to Embrace Forward-Thinking Change in the Cloud



by Connie Hawkes

UK cloud adoption rises throughout the pandemic

Investing in data is expected to remain a top trend for UK businesses in 2022. Digital transformation has accelerated at pace over the last year, with many companies having to rapidly adopt cloud technologies to maintain business continuity over the course of the pandemic. Still, a vast number of companies are yet to fully adopt cloud solutions.

Four out of five UK companies have embarked on their cloud journey (Mobilise, 2021)[i]. This isn’t a surprise:  the cloud offers attractive benefits including enhanced security, platforms for better collaboration, cost-effective solutions, and structural IT systems that enable work to be done from anywhere. So far, cloud adoption is highly correlated to the size and the location of a company. Mobilise found that London-based firms and those with less than 500 employees are the most progressive in their journey to date.

To invest or not to invest?

If the benefits of cloud adoption are so well known, why are some organisations still waiting to start – or complete – their digital transformation?

The factors, in order of importance, that affect a companies’ decision to adopt cloud technologies are: legacy systems, cost, staff capacity, lack of education, and resistance to change.

Reliance on legacy systems is by far the biggest reason for hesitancy to adopt cloud technologies. It could be as simple as, “if it worked in the past, and nothing has been broken, then why is there a need for change?” But just because something still works doesn’t mean there isn’t a more effective, efficient, lower-cost solution.

Legacy systems built on physical servers take up expensive resources like warehousing, maintenance, and 24/7 security. Last year’s Hafnium attack reminded us that on-premises systems are more vulnerable to attacks from bad actors. As a result, data is more likely to be compromised. In a world where data protection is top priority, switching to cloud solutions can remove the headaches of on-premises systems. That’s because state-of-the-art security is provided by technology giants like Microsoft and Google.

The second highest concern uncovered in the Mobilise report was cost. While there could be a desire to change within an organisation, the reality of change may appear prohibitively expensive. Some good news on that front: MigrationWiz helps lower the cost of cloud service adoption. The BitTitan solution eliminates the upfront costs of maintaining on-premises infrastructure and is considerably more cost-effective than competing solutions. In fact, average savings per project is 20 to 30% and can go as high as 50%.

A lack of training and knowledge among internal IT teams has also prevented cloud adoption, with some employees not able to fully understand the benefits that moving to the cloud can offer. In many cases internal IT teams don’t have the skills or expertise to confidently run a migration. This causes concern at both the individual and wider company level. As a result, there’s a high demand for outsourcing cloud migration projects. In fact, the Mobilise report found that 87% of the 603 firms surveyed would consider using help from an external source to run or aid a migration.


Reducing the headache with managed services and MigrationWiz

Organisations that lack resources or the required skills to adopt the cloud can obtain guidance from a range of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). MSP services deliver business outcomes to each of their clients’ individual employees, including business units like the finance department, sales, and marketing. MSPs help businesses move to the cloud, maximise value, and ensure the business runs more efficiently at a cheaper cost.

BitTitan is fortunate to work with many MSPs and consultants with high levels of expertise in the field of cloud migration and digital transformation. Combining their expertise with BitTitan’s leading SaaS solution, MigrationWiz, your organisation can ensure a secure, fast, and safer migration to the cloud.

And it gets even better. With MigrationWiz, you’ll eliminate the need for different solutions for multiple workloads. MigrationWiz does it all, from mailboxes to documents, public folders, public archives and all components of Microsoft Teams.

[i] Taking your team on the cloud journey: from cloud migration to becoming Cloud Native and Building a Cloud Centre of Excellence, Mobilise 2021

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