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On-Demand Video: Meet Microsoft MVP Chris Hoard



by Connie Hawkes

While the volume of data in the cloud continues to rise, security should be top of mind for all businesses. In fact, when choosing a productivity suite ensuring that the provider of choice has the requirements and certifications to comply with your business regulations is more important than ever. As businesses transition to the modern workplace and manage most of their workforce remotely they must adapt their security models to protect users and devices from wherever they are working.

In this on-demand video, BitTitan speaks with Chris Hoard to discuss the importance of security when considering cloud technologies.  In particular, how Microsoft offers customers a more secure environment in the cloud with data loss prevention practices, retention policies, developments to Azure AD multi-factor authentication and passwordless environments to name a few. And Chris shares with us his passion for communication compliance which uses AI to help IT teams develop out-of-the-box solutions to catch and prevent breaches to company security policies.

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