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Future plans for safeguarding sensitive data in France



by Connie Hawkes

Despite calls from Europe to develop fully homegrown alternatives to cloud computing giants like Google and Microsoft, it seems as though a Franco-American alliance might just be sufficient enough to enable the safeguarding of some of France’s sensitive state and corporate data. Such an agreement would allow France to benefit from the best technology while continuing to guarantee the independence of French data.

Acknowledging a level of superiority in US Technology, Bruno Le Maire, French Finance Minister announced that data could continue to be stored by the likes of Google and Microsoft while remaining in safe hands if it is partially or fully licensed to French companies.

So, what does this mean? The ability to develop ‘trustworthy’ cloud computing alternatives within Europe will help guarantee the location of servers on French soil and allow European ownership of the companies that store and process the data. For a company to be classified as ‘trustworthy’ it must meet certain criteria set out by Le Maire and the French Government, plus their cybersecurity agency ANSSI. Today, France already has two companies ‘fit for purpose’: OVHCloud and Dassault Systemees’ Outscale.

Could this be a new route for digital transformation? Read the full account from Reuters here!

Sources: “France embraces Google, Microsoft in quest to safeguard sensitive data” by Mathieu Rosemain

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