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Highlights from the Cloud Conference – 5th Edition



by Connie Hawkes

On October 14, 2021 BitTitan was proud to sponsor the Cloud Conference – 5th Edition. The online event brought together technical decision-makers from Romania and around the world for a deep dive into the state of digital transformation in the market with two tracks on Azure and Microsoft 365. The day kicked off with a stellar keynote from Daniel Rusen, Microsoft Romania on the importance of moving from potential to reality. While it’s clear that there’s no going back and that the acceleration of user technologies will not change it’s important to foster and act on the potential to drive ultimate change.

Driving change

Innovations are critical to moving a business forward – and these will ultimately have both direct and indirect effects on the economy. Digital transformation investment has made substantial impacts in weathering the storm of the pandemic, and the world is moving at a pace faster than ever seen before. We’ve seen business opportunities extend beyond belief and business priorities have shifted with more than 80% looking to accelerate the implementation of new technologies to advance the skills and productivity of their workforce.

Increasing digitalisation opens a whole new target audience for businesses and allows us to reach potential customers that were somewhat out of scope before. New technology has not only proven to offer businesses new avenues, but it has altered how citizens complete daily tasks and how schools deliver and meet the educational needs of society.

While we’ve proven that digital work, works, and that remote working is possible we must consider the future of work. A large proportion of workers want flexible options, but at the same time, over half of workers want more in-person collaboration. The result: we’re presented with a paradox. And there we have it, the potential of hybrid work. But with hybrid work comes security concerns and the increasing threat of cybercrime.

Finding a Digital Transformation Partner

Following the Microsoft 365 track of the conference, it because clear that working with partners to assist through digital transformation changes is critical to building the digital skills for innovation. The process of change is more than just technology – it’s a combination between people and technology and how people are implementing and using it. For example, for organisations looking to adopt modern workplace solutions, like Microsoft 365, they must consider the complexity of the business, the scale of data and the security of that data.

So, what does the process look like? In a presentation from Daniel Popescu & Cristina Barbu, Avaelgo we found that the first step advised is to analyse the situation, in particular: what is driving the change, what is the current state and what do we want to achieve?

It’s never been more important to understand a clients’ current infrastructure, the apps they are using (or in some cases not), their compliance policies and other intricate details that will determine the course of the project. Doing thorough due diligence before embarking on a transformation – and in turn – a migration can help prevent and combat challenges early on and remain agile and adaptable to unforeseen circumstances that might arise.

When planning and executing a migration it’s critical to remember the impact on the business being migrated and plan a strategy accordingly. Decipher what should (and needs to be) migrated first – but be flexible to change. Make sure you follow through to reaching a company’s business objectives – event in the final stages. Make sure that end-users are equipped with the knowledge to thrive in their new environment for maximum impact – think training, appointing internal ambassadors and company sponsors, developing usage reports, best practices, tips, and tricks.

Choosing a Migration Solution

And when you’re planning or executing a migration, you could benefit from using a third-party migration tool like BitTitan MigrationWiz. Zlata Rogich, Sr Strategic Territory Manager EMEA gave a technical deep dive into a recent G-Suite to Microsoft 365 migration project, with Avaelgo for a prominent Austrian Financial Institution to help improve collaboration and security under one Microsoft 365 tenant.

A big driver for choosing MigrationWiz for this scenario was that it allowed Avaelgo to help meet the compliance and security requirements of the client surrounding data sovereignty. Keeping all data within the European Union at all times was imperative. With BitTitan it was possible to use the MigrationWiz instance based Azure Germany to run the migration. The .DE instance ensures that all MigrationWiz administrator logins, project endpoints and project configuration are all securely stored in Germany.

The presentation went on to discuss further technical capabilities of MigrationWiz like its use of APIs and its support/ability to swiftly react to unforeseen hurdles like a change implemented by Microsoft during the process to the authentication processes for OneDrive that threatened to stall progress. To read a full account of the customer story click here.

Overall, the conference was a great success, and we were extremely pleased to sponsor such an event, with well-informed and insightful content. For partners or customers looking at a potential migration, MigrationWiz is here to support you. For more information about the workloads/scenarios we support, or our license options contact us today! 

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