Introducing Microsoft Teams Ninja hosted by Miguel Tabera Pacheco

Introducing Microsoft Teams Ninja hosted by Miguel Tabera Pacheco

Microsoft Teams adoption has skyrocketed, and its growth as the modern workplace collaboration tool of choice has helped reinvent the world of remote work. Teams has become a new normal for workers across numerous verticals, so it’s crucial that end-users are well-versed in its use. Recently BitTitan sat down with Microsoft MVP Miguel Tabera Pacheco to explore the many benefits of Microsoft Teams and how the launch of his new channel – Microsoft Teams Ninja – offers tips and tricks for end-users to take full advantage of the platform. 


Miguel, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Miguel: I’ve worked in the technology sector for 15+ years, helping companies with their digital transformation, the adoption of cloud technologies, and new ways of working.

I am passionate about the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and modern workplace technologies. I help coordinate MadPoint, the Microsoft 365 Technical Community of Madrid, and since 2013 I’ve been honoured to receive the Microsoft MVP award in the Office Apps & Services category.


Why do you think Teams is such an exciting platform for businesses and users today?

Miguel: The first and most important is simplicity. Microsoft has invested a lot of effort in designing an easy-to-use tool that unifies communications, conversations, relationships with colleagues, private and shared documentation, and day-to-day work. In addition, it’s equipped with mechanisms that remind us of applications that we use daily such as WhatsApp, Skype, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Wunderlist.

Microsoft Teams puts special focus on collecting feedback from users and the technical community. The Microsoft Teams UserVoice channel is very active and frequently consulted by Microsoft. Microsoft is listening to users and continuously deploying exciting new features like those announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021.


Why did you set up Microsoft Teams Ninja?

Miguel: YouTube offers an immense source of knowledge and learning. For many years I have wanted to create a personal channel dedicated to technology. I think I have good teaching and communication skills and I wanted to give back to the technical community everything I've learned over the years thanks to the content generated by many MVPs and experts around the world.


Who is this channel for?

Miguel: Mainly Microsoft Teams end users. My idea is to publish weekly videos with tips, tricks, and tutorials to help solve some of the most common problems with Teams desktop and smartphone apps as quickly as possible. Content is in English and Spanish.


What is the goal of Microsoft Teams Ninja?

Miguel: I’d like to help and train users in Microsoft Teams basics. This past year, Microsoft Teams has become a widely used tool for information workers, frontline workers, students, teachers, press, and even families who want to communicate. With this wide variety of users, it’s normal to have doubts, problems, and unique needs.

The first videos consist of tips and tricks on features that offer a lot of value, but in many cases, are not known to exist. For example, blurring the background, reducing background noise, changing your status, translating messages, completing your profile, or improving the experience with channels.


What content should we look out for?

Miguel: After the basics I want to launch more advanced videos with small labs and videos about good practices. Right now you can see some examples in the channel like a lab to build a welcome page on a team by using the SharePoint pages capabilities. I hope these little labs work well.


How can companies prepare for future enhancements to Teams?

Miguel: Aside from paying close attention to the official roadmap and Microsoft notifications, I think the most important thing is to establish an internal process to manage news and announcements. Microsoft 365 has adopted an “evergreen IT” model in which updates, new features, and security patches are announced and rolled out almost every week. These changes may impact end users, management and administration, the developments made, or the content already generated.


What advice would you give to those still considering a move to Microsoft Teams?

Miguel: I recommend customising the adoption process based on the needs of users. Each person, team, department, and company works in a different way. Teams is so flexible that it allows users to customise the way they work to suit their needs.

Traditional trainings often fail because they’re too generic and don’t help users adapt Teams to their own needs and their own work. My recommendation is to design a customised plan with discovery sessions, thematic workshops, help forums and generation of customised scenarios and advanced solutions. Power Platform can also be helpful in designing advanced capabilities and specific business processes.


Where can people get in contact with you?

Miguel: If you reside in Spain or Latin America, I recommend visiting the MadPoint blog for content about all Microsoft 365 services. We offer a multitude of interesting articles, coverage from important Microsoft events, and we help organise Microsoft 365 Saturday Madrid, the largest SharePoint and Microsoft Teams event in Spain.

To contact me in English, I recommend connecting with me on LinkedIn (Miguel Tabera) or on Twitter (@migueltabera). You can also view my contributions in the Microsoft MVP program website (Miguel Tabera | MVP).

Beyond technology, if you like the world of Disney Parks I have a small personal photo initiative on Instagram (LEGO Disney Adventures @lego.disney.adventures).


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